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i've been moving around since i was 19 years old. i love to travel and i get restless after a while, so i've lived most of my adult life several states away from my family. it's a lifestyle that has its rewards and its pitfalls - the main one being the distance from my family. i feel like i miss a lot.

my little brother and his wife randomly moved up here a couple of weeks ago. i'm still wrapping my head around it. it's unbelievable that i can just call up my bro and hang out - this has not happened since i was in my early-to-mid teens, really; with the exception if a short and awkward time in new orleans (where much of my interaction with my own family tends to be short and awkward - what a bizarre chapter of our lives).

it's comforting having so many of those sibling "isms" around with me. we react the same to so many things - tell the same jokes at the same time, etc. we can speak in vague partial sentences to each other and there's no trouble with misunderstanding. we have inside jokes dating back decades. my brothers and i are only a year and a half apart, so we can remember a lot of the same experiences.

i guess i always thought it would be nice to have a family member or a friend out here with me, but i never thought it would actually happen.

every thing is constantly in flux. life is changing to quickly for me to keep up with it.

things are good, though. this past year has been pretty good. i like being 29.

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