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my mom got remarried last weekend. the wedding was small and i was the entire bridal party, as well as ring-bearer and a flower girl of sorts (i was holding some flowers). i'm so thrilled for her and her new husband, jay, who has already been a part of the family for 8 years, so it's not like things have changed that much. it was awesome seeing both of my brothers and relaxing in my hometown for a couple of days with my family. hanging out with my mom is usually pretty relaxing. the home she shares with jay has a good vibe, and i wish i could get out there more. part of the wedding ceremony involved my brothers and me 'giving' my mom away. we decided that we should triple fist-bump above her head. it worked beautifully.

we're going up to the san juan islands tomorrow for memorial day camping. the i-5 bridge over the skagit river collapsed(!) last night. thankfully no one was killed! now there's a big gap in the interstate right before our exit, so we have to find a clever way around that isn't going to be bogged down with memorial day traffic. ferry traffic is going to be pretty bad, too. i'm glad that the dogs are good with road trips! it's our first camping trip of the season and we're taking it in our palace tent. i need to get another smaller tent for backpacking later in the summer. washington state has amazing trails, y'all.

i've been growing a vegetable and herb garden lately. it's very rewarding, especially because i'm able to do it in a one-bedroom apartment in urban seattle. most of it is indoors, which is great 'cause i know everything that those plants have touched before i eat them.

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