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geez man things keep piling up. it's gotta end sometime, right? where is all this even coming from?

i'm thankful that, when things get really bad, i have a partner to work with. matt and i have been through some shit over the last 12 years that we've known each other - 10 of them as roommates and 8 of those as a couple. i'm glad that, when things aren't working out for one of us, the other is okay with stepping in and evening things out. lots of times, when people meet me and matt, they point out that we're total opposites. but it works. where i mostly lack any sense of direction or general responsibility, matt's good with that part. i'm great for flash-in-the-pan, last-minute escapes and stupid luck. matt encourages me to be less of a free-wheeler when needed, and i encourage him to take risks, because srsly are you gonna die at the end? either way, we have each other's backs. there's almost nothing we haven't been through together at this point.

except kids. yick.

i'd be cool if we had some beer around the house. all we have is this blue alcohol that a friend left, and i'm not sure if i'm ready to stoop to that level yet.

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